50 Memorable Ideas for Your Table Numbers

Sure, standard table numbers will get wedding guests to their seats, but why be ordinary? Express your personality with creative table names, or upgrade your style with unique ways to display the classic numbers. These 50 innovative table number ideas will inspire you to take your table décor from mundane to memorable.

By: Mary Wozniak

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  • Sailboat


    Driftwood sailboats complement the seaside décor for a nautical or beach wedding.

    Photo Credit: Katelyn James

  • Agate


    Unique Brazilian agate rocks are hand-painted with elegant calligraphy.

    Photo Credit: Pippity Pow/Etsy

  • Vintage Door Knobs

    Vintage Door Knobs

    Antique-look key plates and crystal doorknobs adorn these gorgeous custom table numbers.

  • Birds Nests

    Birds Nests

    Perch these handmade bird cutouts atop a dried floral nest for a charming rustic look.

  • Scrabble


    Can you spell C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E? Scrabble tiles make up fun and novel table numbers.

  • Painted Plate

    Painted Plate

    Search thrift shops and antique stores for pretty vintage china. Next stop: the crafts store, for stencils and acrylic paint to complete this easy DIY idea from Perfectly Disheveled.

    Photo Credit: Leah Lee Photography

  • Gatsby-Inspired


    For a glamorous Art Deco look, go for the gold. These freestanding wooden numerals can also be styled modern, rustic, or covered in sparkling glitter.

    Photo Credit: Z Create Design/Etsy

  • Book Folds

    Book Folds

    Create your own amazing folded book art with downloadable patterns by Jelly Bean Book Art.

  • Lamp Shade

    Lamp Shade

    Light up your table décor with luminaries. The vellum shades fit over a wine glass or champagne glass.  

    Photo Credit: Paper Pixie/Etsy

  • Illuminated Heart

    Illuminated Heart

    Engraved acrylic hearts are illuminated by LED lights matched to your wedding colors.

    Photo Credit: Even Table Decor/Etsy

  • Library Card

    Library Card

    Retro library cards add a vintage feel to your table. Pair with some classic books for a novel centerpiece.

    Photo Credit: Black Lab Studio/Etsy

  • Books


    Vintage books can be stenciled with table numbers. For a special touch, select your favorite romantic novels or books of poetry. 

  • Buoys


    Imagine your summer beach wedding with these colorful buoy table numbers, handmade from reclaimed wood.

  • Vintage Trunk

    Vintage Trunk

    Add this handmade wooden trunk to your table decorations for a vintage-inspired centerpiece.

    Photo Credit: An Artsy Affair/Etsy

  • Airport Names

    Airport Names

    Love to travel? Take a flight of fancy with airport code table names.

  • Italian Foods

    Italian Foods

    Foodie couples will adore this elegant design by Nora Belle Designs, celebrating a passion for fine food and travel with classic Italian ingredients and inspiring quotes.

    Photo Credit: Nora Belle Designs

  • Photo Adventures

    Photo Adventures

    Relive memorable moments as a couple with photos of your favorite adventures.

  • Flowers


    Choose your favorite spring flowers for table names. A pretty seed packet design is a sweet choice for an outdoor wedding.

    Photo Credit: Leaf Decor/Etsy

  • Winter Themes

    Winter Themes

    Sleighbells, snowflakes, mistletoe, and holly — for a winter wedding, the Documents and Designs Snowflake collection includes table names that salute the season.

    Photo Credit: Documents and Designs

  • Movies


    Add a bit of Hollywood romance with quotes from your favorite movies.

    Photo Credit: Wedding Monograms/Etsy

  • The Periodic Table

    The Periodic Table

    When two scientists fell in love, it was instant chemistry! Cibi Events labelled each table with chemical formulas like H2O for a clever addition to an elegant table setting.

  • Baseball Stadiums

    Baseball Stadiums

    Take me out to the ball game! Stadium seating is a fun choice for the sports-loving couple.

  • Cassettes


    Cassette tapes with names of your favorite artists are perfect for a retro wedding.

    Photo Credit: Wedfest

  • Movie Characters

    Movie Characters

    Tag tables with your favorite movie characters. This beautifully styled table combines a sophisticated look with a fun Star Wars theme.

    Photo Credit: Caca Santoro Weddings

  • Maps


    Where in the world are you sitting? Upcycled maps display your favorite destinations.

    Photo Credit: TINE Designs/Etsy

  • Comics


    Pow! Splat! Express yourself with quirky comic book table names, a fun and offbeat choice.

  • Fairy Tales

    Fairy Tales

    Fairytale-themed tables tell the story of your romance. And they lived happily ever after…

    Photo Credit: The Little Touches

  • Fantasy Locations

    Fantasy Locations

    Name your tables with references from a favorite movie, book, or television show. These fantasy fiction destinations are paired with vintage maps by Imbue You.

    Photo Credit: Imbue You

  • Constellations


    Your love is written in the stars. Guide your guests to the nearest constellation.

  • Gold


    Opt for some serious bling with gold crystal wrapped table number holders from Gallery 360 Designs.

    Photo Credit: Gallery 360 Designs

  • Salt & Pepper

    Salt & Pepper

    Vintage salt and pepper shakers have a charming shabby-chic look.

  • Moss


    Pretty DIY flower pot centerpieces hold moss-covered numbers by Spotted Leopard.

  • Pine Holders

    Pine Holders

    Rustic pine holders are carved with your initials for a bit of old-fashioned romance.

  • Gold Shells

    Gold Shells

    Shell holders add sophisticated gold style to your beach wedding.

    Photo Credit: Gallery 360 Designs

  • Knots


    Handmade “monkey fist” rope knot holders are perfect for your nautical-themed wedding reception.

    Photo Credit: O-Y-Knot/Etsy

  • Bicycles


    Handmade wire sculpture bicycles hold your table number cards. Order a tandem bike for the head table!

    Photo Credit: Wirebicycle/Etsy

  • Flappers


    These delightful table number cards feature vintage-inspired flapper girls.

    Photo Credit: GoGo Snap/Etsy

  • Math


    You do the math: a clever twist on table numbers features simple arithmetic on chalkboards.

  • Birds


    Enhance your table number cards with delightful artwork, like these vintage bird illustrations.

    Photo Credit: Leaf Decor/Etsy

  • Han and Leia

    Han and Leia

    “I love you… I know.” Download this sweet and subtle Han and Leia design.

  • Photo Numbers

    Photo Numbers

    Let your personality shine. This clever couple incorporated super-sized number props in their engagement photos.

    Photo Credit: Luminaire Foto

  • Peacock


    Add glamour to your table number cards with a peacock print Art Deco design.

    Photo Credit: Tinsel and Flair/Etsy

  • Watercolor


    A swath of bright color and elegant gold lettering transforms ordinary table number cards.

  • Rustic Chalkboards

    Rustic Chalkboards

    Download lovely floral chalkboard cards for a trendy rustic look.

    Photo Credit: Paper Bear Print/Etsy

  • Child

    Child's Work

    Is there an artist in the family? Take a cue from these adorable drawings by the happy couple’s son.

  • Perler Beads

    Perler Beads

    An innovative DIY project from Intimate Weddings features a lacy heart handmade from perler beads.

    Photo Credit: Intimate Weddings

  • Gold Frames

    Gold Frames

    A simple gold frame elevates your table number cards from plain white to classic elegance.

  • Embellished Frames

    Embellished Frames

    Silver and pearl embellishments frame your table numbers with opulence.

  • Moss Frames

    Moss Frames

    Moss covered frames are ideal for an outdoor or garden reception.

  • Rustic Frames

    Rustic Frames

    Rustic frames carved with your initials are a lasting memento of the day you say “I do!”

    Photo Credit: Prince Whitaker/Etsy

50 Memorable Ideas for Your Table Numbers